We research the future.

We’re a boutique market research and strategy consultancy specializing in media, technology, healthcare, and video games.

What we do

We conduct customized research.

Every thinktank project is bespoke to meet our client’s needs.

We validate product concepts, evaluate brand positioning, assess user experience, test video games, and more. 

Our clients include the Fortune 100, beloved video game brands, early-stage ventures, and nonprofits.

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Seasoned, predictive,
and global.

Led by Robin Boyar, an interactive researcher with 20+ years’ experience, every member of our team has senior-level expertise. 

Our results are actionable. 

We can conduct research locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, throughout the US, and globally.


An integrated approach to product research–pioneered and proven over two decades.

With expertise in mixed methods research, we can conduct research along the product development and marketing cycle, from pre-concept to post-mortem.



Whether it’s a segmentation study, concept survey, or branding evaluation, our survey analysis includes predictive benchmarks and actionable findings that provide a roadmap to success.



Focus groups and interviews are key specialties of thinktank. Conversant with a wide range of audiences ranging from tween gamers to moms to IT professionals, Robin Boyar takes an empathetic and engaging approach.



thinktank has expertise in one-on-one usability testing, contextual interviewing, and other user-centered methods. These approaches are often integrated with quantitative and qualitative stages of research.


Video game playability

Another core specialty of thinktank, video game playability combines aspects of qualitative, quantitative, and UX research, allowing game developers to test their games during the critical alpha and beta development stages.

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