How do kids consume media?

The average child devours over six hours of media per day.

Screens dominate their leisure time, with a plethora of options such as video gaming, social media, and streaming content.


Our client was a leading media company interested in understanding how kids ages 6-10 engage with media. They wanted to get a 24/7 view of media consumption.


Determine areas of opportunity for programming and product development


We took a mixed-methods approach:

  • Digital ethnography. Using an online platform, we asked moms to diary their kids’ media usage for a week. We also included specific activities and questions for the kids to answer. This resulted in a “kid said/mom said” perspective, which provided insights around usage and media gatekeeping.
  • Interviews. Afterwards, we conducted in-home video interviews with the kids and their moms. This provided deeper insights into their media consumption.


Insights that helped fuel new programming and a successful app

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