What do consumers want in a smart home?

For over a decade, thinktank has been researching the “Internet of Things,” now more commonly called smart technology.

Categories we’ve researched include home automation, health, retail, sports, and wearables.


Our client, a global electronics company, was interested in learning about consumers’ household needs to inform development of a new line of smart home appliances.


Identify product development opportunities


We conducted 2-hour in-home ethnographies with homeowners.

  • The sessions explored consumers’ attitudes, behaviors, and motivations around home functionality such as storing food, cooking, and cleaning.
  • We employed a “show and tell” approach. For example, consumers were asked to wash a load of laundry while narrating the steps.
  • We photographed and videotaped the sessions in a documentary style.
  • The video excerpts were included in the final presentation, resulting in an engaging final deliverable.


Insights that informed their new product line

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