What IP should we develop?

To understand a competitive landscape, we often recommend a landscape survey which includes questions around category attitudes, behaviors, motivations, brand usage and affinity, demographics, and psychographics.


Our client, a leading Hollywood movie and television studio, wanted to understand consumers’ attitudes and behaviors to help inform future strategy and IP development across multiple platforms (e.g., film, TV, home entertainment, and gaming).

They were particularly interested in understanding viewing and gaming attitudes and behaviors among children (2-17) and adults (18-65) and measuring interest across various content properties.


Identify content synergies and opportunities


For this study, we deployed an extensive landscape survey covering the following topics:

  • Leisure time activities (interest and share of time)
  • Platform usage (e.g., TV, streaming, gaming, social media)
  • Genre affinity (e.g., viewing, gaming, music)
  • IP usage and sentiment (e.g., movies, TV, gaming)
  • Concept interest (IP extensions)
  • Demographics, technographics, and psychographics


Predictive insights that resulted in new IP development

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