How do we segment our young adult audience?

Customer segmentation is a powerful analytical tool that can identify and prioritize target audiences.

It’s extremely effective when single variable analysis (e.g., grouping by age or gender) doesn’t work.  

However, the actionability of segmentation studies can stall if they are not effectively communicated internally.


Our client, a social community, wanted to better understand their young adult audience (Millennials/Gen Y). Many of these users had niche areas of interest, but our client had failed to successfully target them through these avocations.

The company needed a more robust approach. Furthermore, they needed to effectively communicate these findings to internal stakeholders.


Identify and internally communicate target audiences


We conducted a segmentation study which exposed key attitudinal and behavioral drivers. Through the segmentation study, we developed “Golden Questions,” a set of 10 questions that could predict these cohorts with approximately 90% accuracy. Based on this analysis, we created sample personas representing each segment. Then, we conducted half-day workshops with employees.  

Content of the workshops included:

  • A cultural trend presentation about Millennials/Gen Y
  • Segmentation overview
  • A game show themed activity that highlighted key segmentation learnings
  • Takeaway stickers and posters highlighting the user audience cohorts


An effective and fun way to disseminate learnings that facilitated internal adoption

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