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the thinktank team has key expertise as it relates to research, analysis, and design. As a boutique consultancy, we offer the advantage of personalized senior level expertise. Working together, we ensure that every project is bespoke to meet our clients’ needs.


Robin Boyar, Founder

Robin leads all of thinktank’s engagements. ¬†Knowledgeable in a variety of research methodologies, she has over 15 years market research and strategy experience. She conducts all of thinktank’s qualitative research, such as focus groups and usability sessions. In particular, she has a key expertise in video games and emerging technology (e.g., IoT, wearables, autonomous vehicles). She enjoys the visual arts, skiing and driving her vintage Alfa Romeo. For more information, please see her biography.


Diane Morrison, Editor

Diane handles writing and editing as it relates to thinktank’s surveys, reports and presentations. Attentive to detail, Diane is instrumental in the “last mile”, ensuring that final deliverable content, story and design is accurate and engaging. She enjoys working out, skiing and spending time with her family.


Fran Simon, Quantitative Specialist

Fran is the “big brain” behind many of thinktank’s quantitative projects that utilize advanced analytics such as brand mapping, conjoint analysis, max diff, and segmentation studies. With over 20 years quantitative and data mining expertise, Fran’s expertise has guided clients in a diverse set of industries including consumer products, financial services, telecommunications, and video games. She enjoys basketball, hiking and spending time with her family.




Kevin Parker, Research Analyst

Kevin provides data analysis for all of thinktank’s projects, such as surveys, focus groups, usability studies and ethnographies. Kevin has an an uncanny ability to read and analyze hundreds of open ended survey comments to develop succinct themes and reports. He also creates various surveys, reports and competitive analysis as it relates to the video game industry. He enjoys sailing and cooking.


Marjorie Sturm, Ethnographer & Videographer

An award winning filmmaker, Marjorie is able to capture the subtle nuances of consumer attitudes and behaviors that are critical in informing and driving product innovation. Adept in a variety of environments, such as focus group facilities, usability studies and in home ethnographies, she has a relatable manner that empowers and engages consumers. She enjoys living in the San Francisco Bay Area and partaking in its wonderful film, poetry and hiking.







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