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Our Philosophy. thinktank is committed to great research.

What is great research?

  • Great research reveals the unobvious and the unexpected with a perspective grounded in the past, conducted in the present, and looking towards the future.
  • Rather than a microcosm of the laboratory, great research has real life connections with findings that are actionable and predictive.
  • Great research is just not the voice of the consumer, but an understanding of the consumer’s environment.
How is great research conducted?

  • Research needs to be aligned with the client’s budgets, timeline, and product life cycles.
  • Methodology needs to be executed flawlessly.
  • Project management and communication must be timely and responsive.
  • Final deliverables must be clear, concise, actionable, and focused on the client’s needs and learning styles.
Why do great research?

  • At a time when product development and marketing budgets can exceed millions of dollars, research is a cost effective investment that provides actionable insights that guide development.
Why thinktank?

  • We provide a combination of senior level expertise + personal attention.
  • We’re passionate about research.
  • We will get you actionable insights.
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