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thinktank evolved from a need that founder Robin Boyar experienced on the “client” side of research working at a variety of Silicon Valley startups and video gaming companies.

She could find research companies that offered broad services, but few that had a deep understanding of media, technology and startup culture.

Furthermore, many agencies took a team approach with a senior level executive “selling in” the research, but relying on junior researchers to conduct it. This often led to redundancies, longer project times and greater expense.

thinktank recognizes that great research (e.g., moderating focus groups, creating surveys, strategic analysis) is the result of specialized expertise (or in the words of Malcolm Gladwell, at least 10,000 hours of experience).

In addition to founder Robin Boyar, every member of the thinktank team has key specialities in areas such as advanced analytics and ethnography. thinktank also relies on best of class providers in the areas of respondent recruitment, focus group facilities, survey hosting, translation, and editing.

This “Superfriends” approach ensures a customized, cost-efficient and rapid solution for clients. Due to this extensive network, thinktank can conduct research locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

thinktank works with a variety of leading media and technology companies, as well as startups and nonprofits. We also often partner with digital, advertising and PR agencies who need these services for their respective clients.

For more about our approach, check out our Philosophy.

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