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Bodega and Branding: What They Did Right (and a future lesson on utilizing research)

This past week, the internet excoriated Bodega, the Silicon Valley startup who seemingly planned to eradicate corner mom and pop stores and in the process, engaged in cultural (mis)appropriation. (Note: For those of you unfamiliar, bodega is a Sp [...]



Predicting the Future: Pokémon and Presidents

Today I was waiting in line for my morning coffee, enmeshed in my phone. The barista asked me, “Are you playing Pokémon Go?” Instead, I was reading the latest about the Democratic Convention. (Though I did turn the game on briefly to capture a [...]



Research Methodologies: Qualitative, Quantitative, or Other (please specify)

Perhaps the most critical decision around any research project is the choice of methodology.  While a pathway may seem obvious, (e.g., “We want to hear what consumers like about our product in a focus group.”), recent innovations in market resea [...]



Growth Is Good

Billion dollar valuations, $7 toast and the most expensive housing market in the nation, the San Francisco Bay Area is experiencing a level of exuberance perhaps not seen since the go-go days of 1980s Wall Street. In Oliver Stone’s Wall Street, [...]



Storytelling, synergy (and going beyond the green curtain)

Last week, I had the opportunity of attending a Women in Research (WiRE) event in Silicon Valley. It’s always great to meet fellow researchers in the Bay Area and especially inspiring to hear an old colleague, Kristen Luck speak. Kristen is a re [...]




Thanks for reading!  I hope that you find our insights about the digital space intriguing! To give you some background about thinktank, we’re a market research and strategy consultancy focusing on the digital consumer.  Key areas include media [...]



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