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Robin Boyar, Founder
Robin designs and leads all of thinktank’s client engagements. Knowledgeable in a variety of research methodologies, she has over fifteen years of market research experience. Robin is one of the world’s most experienced interactive researchers and has conducted hundreds of projects. A skilled moderator, Robin conducts all of thinktank’s focus groups, usability, playability and interview sessions.
Before founding thinktank, Robin led research efforts for Electronic Arts (EA), which at the time was the world’s largest videogame publisher. In her six years at EA, she created the company’s first centralized research department, initiated new research methodologies, and managed a team of internal and external researchers. Robin worked on hundreds of titles and had a perfect track record predicting the success of all EA franchises.
Robin also led research efforts at, a casual games company and was Manager of Consumer Insights at, an online insurance marketplace. She has extensive experience in media and technology as a researcher, designer, and consultant. A veteran of four technology startups, she began her career studying the impact of technology on children’s learning and play, working for such organizations as Mc-Graw Hill, PBS, and the State of California.
Robin has been a speaker and panel moderator at conferences such as Digital Hollywood, Future Trends, GDC, Gigaom, and LA Games Conference.
Robin holds an A.B. from Bryn Mawr College, where she majored in History of Art with a focus on art and technology. In her spare time, she enjoys the visual arts, skiing and driving her vintage Alfa Romeo convertible.
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